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Some Thoughts

I've never read anything by Toni Morrison, but I'd just like to note that she's a really talented writer. Currently reading Sula, and must have Beloved read by Friday... Although I don't even know why I'm reading. If Bush wins tonight, my teacher has canceled class for Wednesday. He said that he will be so upset and angry that there is no way he can effectively lead class. Haha.

I've been trying to do work all day, but I keep getting caught up watching the election/napping. Dammit! I have so much to do... no more CNN, no more reading on my bed.

In other news - I think I'm already ready to live in an apartment. I want carpet, a fullsize bed, a kitchen, and a couch. Oh, and a car. This cinderblock cubicle called a dorm room is somewhat lacking in those respects. Actually I think I just have this vision of myself living in an apartment in the Pearl District that has yet to come to fruition. One day...

PS - Loud rap music coming from neighbor not appreciated. I think I'm going to go kick some ass.
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