Joseph (essequamvideri) wrote,


tonight i sat under an umbrella on the roof of my dormatory. It's raining outide. Pouring, in fact. about 10,000x the droplet size of Portland rain at 5x the intensity. Lightening was all about the sky, and we couldn't help but get bundled in the rags and towels that are the clothing of college students and observe the heavenly spectacle. Of course, in typical collegiate style, we treated ourselves to a few Sprites and Spirits while observing. Quite memorable.

My room is still shaking with the rumble of distant thunder. wooooo. i love storms!

PS - over the break my crew workout is to run 6 miles a day, do 175 sit-ups, and one hour on the rowing machine everyday. Jigga what? This foo' don't think so.
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