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So, it's been months. Literally, months, but I just took my Human Anatomy test on the cardiovascular system (which went well) and I actually have a little down time. First time in... well, months. Hopefully I did well on this test because it pretty much determines my grade. 40%. That's a lot. On Mondays I translate at a free spanish clinic downtown, which is pretty fun, but there were hardly any patients this monday because of halloween. The 3 med students working and I sat around in the back and talked. It basically made me want to cry because I feel like people keep telling me how I can't get into medical school, how no one can get into medical school, how the standards are just ridiculous. WTF. I just want to practice medicine. Is that too much to ask? I'm smart, I'm motivated, I'm not going to leave a pair of tongs inside of someone. give me a break!

This weekend I have to go to Tennessee for a crew regatta. fuck. I don't want to go. There's a book signing I want to go to in Charlotte tomorrow, and I just want to sleep. The good news is that I registered for classes yesterday. Next semester I will be taking:

Cell Bio
Organic Chem
EMT class
Lifestyles in Health/some worthless gym class I won't attend.

***********The best part is that I have no classes on Friday. SCORE!!**********

In other news - I just heard on CNN that it is legal to have small amounts of marijuana in Denver... wtf. is this true? amazing.
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